23 week bumpdate*!

*A bumpdate – A pregnancy bump update

I’m sorry for the delay in this bumpdate as I am now 23 weeks and normal bumpdates would be done weekly or every other week. But I have been juggling being ill myself, the sickness bug doing the rounds on our house, a toddler gong though the terrible twos, going on holiday and feeling like I am growing to the size of a house.img_a8ncgn

Up until about 16 weeks I was so sick, It wasn’t just morning sickness either. It was all the time, day and night. It was the kind of sickness that you wouldn’t even wish on your worst enemy! It was horrendous. I ended up at the doctors to get anti-sickness tablets to help because I just couldn’t take much more. ( I literally walked in to the doctor’s room waving a little white flag) Thankful the magic tablets helped and I am now starting to feel myself again and I am making up for lost time eating for two!

So far this pregnancy I have had 3 scans ( 2 NHS ones at my local hospital and 1 private one at a clinic) The first scan was at the hospital. The dreaded first scan! The one that you should be really excited for but instead you are crapping yourself that something is wrong. Everything with the baby was perfect and we had a confirmed due date of 1st August. My second scan was at a private scan clinic called Window To The Womb in Norwich. As this was a private scan we did pay for this one but it was worth every penny in my opinion. This was the first time Elsa saw her little baby and it was an amazing experience. There was so many packages to choose from but we had picked the sneak peek gender scan. After seeing the baby in 3D we then found out that we are having another princess. I wrote a whole post dedicated to our experience and you can find it here:  Window To The Womb experience . Our most recent scan was at our local hospital, this was our 20 week anomaly check. They double checked that we are having a girl and gave the baby a once over to see if everything was as it should be. The only thing that they were worried about is that I have a low placenta also known as Placenta Previa. This means that unless the placenta moves I will be having a C-section but we will know more in May after I have had another scan.


Right, so what baby items have we got so far?!

  • Travel System – We have gone with the Cosatto Giggle 2 in Toodle Pip (unfortunately this is now discontinued, we managed to pick the last one up in our local Mothercare)
  • Cot- We  are using Elsa’s old one with a new mattress
  • Moses basket and stand – picked these up in a brilliant baby event
  • Bottles -Tommee Tippee closer to nature in pink also picked up in a baby event
  • Bouncer – Jungle themed and was a complete bargain from a supermarket for £4!
  • Cot set – Also a supermarket bargain in the sale
  • Nappies – So far I have only stocked up on newborn nappies from Aldi. I currently use their nappies for Elsa and we really like them so it makes sense to carry on using them for this baby.
  • Clothes – Lots and lots of clothes from loads of different shops

I will post another update at around 30 weeks, once we know more about a possible C-section.


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