Room For A Little One? Making Space For A New Baby

Finding out that you are expecting a baby can be very exciting news indeed.

It’s something that your whole family will want to celebrate and start to plan for. However, you can’t let all that excitement get in the way of things – you will have your work cut out over the next nine months. After all, it’s time to get the house ready for another person! If you already have kids and don’t have a spare room for the new baby, you might start to wonder how you are ever going to fit them in. Here are some tips that can help you make even more space for your new little bundle of joy.

Put Some Stuff In Storage

If your home is quite cluttered with a lot of your belongings, then you might want to put some of this into a short term self-storage facility. That way, you can make a bit more room for some of the new baby things you will need to buy, like a cot and cleaning station. In fact, you might want to carry out a proper clean out and throw away all your junk, or take some of it to your local charity shop.

Share Your Bedroom

Don’t have a spare room to turn into a nursery? No problem! Instead, you can just share your own bedroom with the newborn. After all, the baby will just need a cot and a changing station in the room, which you should be able to fit in easily. If you want, you can always split one corner of the room by hanging a curtain. That way, you and your partner have a bit more privacy and there is a distinct nursery area.

Be Creative With Current Storage Space

You might not have any extra space for a new closet for your baby either, but it can be easy enough to be creative with the current storage in your home. One useful idea is to add a second railing to your wardrobe about halfway down. That way, you can then hang your baby’s clothes underneath your own. It could also be worth investing in some furniture that features hidden storage. For instance, you might want to upgrade your own bed to one that has storage drawers underneath.

Invest In Foldable Equipment

When you are buying new equipment for your baby, you might also want to look for foldable pieces. For instance, foldable changing tables are very popular these days as you can simply fold them up and put them away once done with them. You can also buy foldable high chairs as well. It’s also worth finding a pram that will fold up as tightly as possible, as you can then put it out of the way so that it doesn’t take up too much floor space.

Trying to make a bit more room for a new addition to your family can be quite tough but these tips should give you some great ideas for what you can do about it.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post*


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