My Sundown Festival Experience 2018

On the first weekend of September, Norfolk Showground hosted one of Norfolk’s biggest music festivals and for the first year I went along to take advantage of all that Sundown had to offer.

From my experience, there hasn’t been that many festivals that are as big as Sundown in a very long time. Every year Sundown Festival takes over Norfolk Showground and thousands and thousands of people attend to see some great acts perform and have a weekend that they won’t forget. This is my first year going to Sundown so I wasn’t sure what to expect. We all hear stories about festivals with teenagers and how they can be a nightmare. Honestly we didn’t have any horrible experiences the whole weekend. Some things are obviously expected as it is an event that younger people are going to attend and there is going to be drinking. Saying that though, from what we saw there wasn’t any trouble and it was a really good weekend!

I have always had a look at the acts that go to Sundown more for curiosity. Every year they seem to be getting better and better. They have a really good mixture of acts and they have 5 stages that play throughout the day and each stage plays a different type of music so everyone’s tastes are covered. There is the main stage, Castle, Nest, Mystree Area, Platform Stage. I purchased a lanyard which was £6 but it told me the times of every act playing that Sundown over the whole weekend. It came in really handy!

The food at Sundown is good with a huge variety to choose from. If you also have VIP wristbands which can be purchased as an add on. Then the food choices are even bigger as there are VIP only eateries. We choose to eat at a really yummy chicken place in the VIP area. It was quite pricey but to be honest I expected it to be. The same with drinks, they are a bit on the pricy side but not overly expensive.

Going to Sundown 2018 was an amazing experience and one I would love to do again. Tickets for 2019 are already on sale over on their website. My biggest highlight of the weekend was meeting HVRY and he very kindly recorded a video for my sister Rosie. She was very happy with that and there was a lot of happy tears! Every year the line up will change and this years line up was excellent. Sigala was amazing and I have seen some videos from later in the night when Shawn Mendes took to the stage. I would have love to have stayed but had to get back for Elsa and Cleo.

If you are looking for one festival to attend in 2019 then definitely keep an eye on the Sundown Festival social media accounts as they will have all the updates about tickets and line up for next year. The date for next year however has already been announced for 30th August – 1st September 2019 so see you there!



*Disclaimer – We were very kindly gifted tickets to Sundown Festival for the weekend in exchange for a blog post*

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