Baby Sensory Say Hello Playmat Review

I see so many parents attending sensory events with their little ones.

We would attend but living out in the middle of no where, our only option is to create our very own sensory activities at home. Sensory activities are so important to a baby’s development so this is something that as a parent, I wanted to include in both my daughter’s play time. The main company that I hear amazing things about when it comes to sensory events is Baby Sensory. To make it easier for parents, they have development Say Hello toys so that good sensory play is achievable at home without travelling far or spending a lot of money.

Over the last month, Cleo and Elsa have been testing out the Baby Sensory Say Hello Patchwork playmat. This colourful mat is suitable from birth and is an amazing size. It is advertised to be able to fit two babies on it but Cleo and Elsa play comfortably on there with no problem at all. If this was brought when your baby is a newborn then you would without a doubt use it for years and years, it is definitely worth the money. When it comes to a playmat of this size and quality, the £25 price tag is a bargain! It is made from a quilted material so even though it will be on a floor, it is still comfortable to play on.


To the sensory features. With all your baby’s senses in mind, the mat is jam-packed with sensory features. From a baby safe mirror, ribbons and peek a boo flaps to the brightly coloured patchwork pattern. It has everything you would need to keep a baby or toddler entertained as well as having the added bonus of helping with development through sensory. For teething babies, there is also a star-shaped teether. The design of the mat means that it is unisex so would be great gift for a baby shower.

If you do attend a Baby Sensory class then having the playmat at home would make a great place to repeat the activities that you learnt in the class too. If you don’t attend one then it is a great way to add sensory activities in your lives easily without having to buy or store too many different toys. Elsa and Cleo have loved playing with the mat so far and I can already tell that they are going to get so much use out of it in the years to come.

To find out more about Baby Sensory visit the website.


*Disclaimer – We were kindly gifted the Baby Sensory Say Hello playmat in exchange for a review*

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