Safety 1st Swivel Bath Seat Review

Whether bathtime is your child’s favourite time of the day or their worst, as a parent it can be hard to bath a child that will not sit still.

For me as a mummy of 2 young children, it can be hard if I bath Elsa and Cleo together. Elsa wants to play and Cleo isn’t old enough to sit up on her own. That’s where a good bath seat comes in handy. More specifically the Safety 1st swivel bath seat, that we have been testing out.

Over the past few weeks, we have been putting this bath seat to the test. There are a 3 main things that really matter when it comes to something like a bath seat; safety and fun. These 2 things make or break whether a bath seat is worth the money or not.


The most important thing to look at first. Is the bath seat safe? Obviously when bathing a child, you should never leave them on their own anyway. None the less, safety is still something that I research. The safety 1st swivel bath seat has suction cups on the base which allows the seat to attach on to the bath without worrying about it moving around, especially when swivelling the seat. The swivel feature allows your child to move around freely but safely and it also makes it easy for parents to wash your child without having to move them about too much. There is a handy water level indicator that will show you the depth that you should have the water in the bath.

Bathtime should be fun! So should your child’s bath seat. The Safety 1st bath seat has a round colourful ball on the front to help keep your child entertained, most children will also have bath toys but the ball is a nice added feature. Having the swivel feature means that your child can reach for their favourite toys with ease. The seat also comes in a few different colour options so you can pick the best one for your family.

Our thoughts

Cleo has been loving her bath seat over the last few weeks and even though there is a weight limit, I am sure she is going to want to enjoy it for a while yet. Having the bath seat means that she can have fun at bathtime with Elsa and it is easier for me when bathing 2 children at the same time. Its price is brilliant too, you can pick one up for around £13, which for the amount of times that it will get used and enjoyed, it is 100% worth it.

The bath seat is available from a variety of shops including Amazon and Symths toys.


*Disclaimer – We were kindly sent the Safety 1st Swivel bath seat in exchange for a review*

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