Fablab Bath Bomb Kit Review

Bath bombs. Kids are obsessed with them and as parents we could potential spend serious ££ in funding this new love for our children.

You buy bath bombs and within a minute or two, they are gone. The novelty has worn off and your child wants to get out of the bath. It can be rather irritating.

We discovered a bath bomb making kit from FabLab. This allows your children to make their own bath bombs. The kit includes everything you and your children need to create their every own range. The kit makes around 8 bath bombs and the kit can be found to buy for £10-£11 so it is great value for money as you are also getting an activity to do and because of what is it included in the kit, it could be classed as scientific too!


As the kit contains everything you need, you don’t need to go out searching for added extras. The kit includes: blue and pink sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, two plastic teaspoons, a plastic pipette, a bamboo dowel, a bath bomb mould, a lab beaker, a pair of protective gloves, gift tags, ribbons and tissue paper. This kit is suitable for ages 8+ but when reviewing Elsa did help Rosie make the bath bombs so with supervision, I think this kit would be alright for a younger child if they had an interest in it too.


Now to what we thought of it and what were our results. After trying to figure out how to mix all the ingredients, we were able to make our bath bombs easily. It does take a while to understand how hard to you have to press the powder in the mould but after making 1 or 2, it became easier. We made a good amount of bath bombs and Elsa and Rosie loved the idea of wrapping them up like little presents with the tissue paper and gift tags. They both took it in turns to decide which colour the bath bomb as going to be or if it was going to be multicoloured. As you receive powder in both blue and pink, you can make a mixture of bath bombs in whatever colour way you fancy. Elsa and Rosie loved getting their hands dirty and creating their own bath bombs, it makes for a brilliant activity to do with your children.

The end result is a good selection of homemade and handmade bath bombs which do fizz and work as regular bath bombs should. There is the option to keep them for yourself or to gift them. The FabLab bath bomb kit would make an amazing present in it self for any child. It is definitely going to be on Elsa and Rosie’s Christmas list as they want to make even more!





*Disclaimer – We were kindly set the FabLab Bath Bomb kit in exchange for a review*

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