38 Week Pregnancy Update!

I know I said that my 37 week pregnancy update would probably be my last of this pregnancy but while I felt up for it, I thought I would do a 38 week update!

So I don’t have very long left at all now before my elective C-section and to be honest, I thought I would be more worried about it but I’m feeling more relieved that it is all booked and everything is planned and sorted out beforehand. I wrote about pain in my last update and if anything the pain is getting worse and I had to take a trip to the hospital the other day. Thankfully just a check up as most of my pain is where my C-section scar is and that can worrying in later pregnancy. I was reassured by the hospital that because it has been over 2 years since my last section that the chances of there being a problem are very low! Another sigh of relief.

I’m still not 100% ready for baby yet either! His bedside crib is not yet up and I still have to check that I have everything for him. The joys of it being my 3rd pregnancy, I feel like I don’t need to be so organised which is not the right way to think as baby can come at anytime!! Maybe after writing this, I will go and do some organising and last minute ordering of baby things online!
I also videoed Baby Fisher the other night as he is such a fidgety baby!

The next update will now definitely be when Baby is here and lets not forget that we have finally decided on a name! Ekk! It is starting to become more real now and unlike when I was pregnant with Cleo, we won’t be saying what his name is until he is here!



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