Jump It: Lap Counter Review

I am a 90s baby and I might be biased but we definitely had the best toys growing up. Over 20 years later, some of those toys are making a come back.

It does feel strange to hear my children ask for toys that I would have asked my family for when I was younger! Seeing toys that brought me so much joy, bring joy to my children is actually really lovely to see.

One toy that I can remember very well was Jump It: Lap Counter.

I can’t remember if that was exact name back then but the hit toy is back and it is pretty much exactly the same, which I love!

Naturally, I had to have a go. You know, nostalgia!

Then Elsa wanted to try it out, she is the perfect age to give it a go.

The Jump It: Lap Counter helps improve fitness, co-ordination and stamina while being fun. So Jump It is a hoop that goes on to your ankle and from that hoop is rope with a ball on the end. You use skipping motions and the Jump It goes round your foot and you jump over with your other foot. A bit like skipping.

The ball at the end of the rope has a lap counter so you can keep count with how many laps you have done and trust me, it gets competitive!

The Jump It: Lap Counter is available now from Argos!

Disclaimer: we were kindly gifted this in exchange for a blog post

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