Learning Through Play With Osmo!

We all want to help our children with learning and schooling. It can be daunting for parents too, there is so much for us to learn before we even start helping our children. As busy parents anything to help us would be greatly appreciated which is why we have been testing out Osmo over the last few weeks. This is what we thought!

So let’s start with what is Osmo.

Osmo is an award-winning educational learn through play system that is compatible for both Ipad and Amazon Fire tablets. There are starter kits which start at around £79 and expansion packs that start at around £29.99.

There are games that inspire and educate children in different ways. All of which are fun and easy to set up. Whether your child is wanting to learn Maths, Coding, Spelling and Business or if they want to play with Puzzles and Drawing, there is something for them. The starter kits allow you to play these games with either your Ipad or Fire tablets.

In the kits you receive, the Osmo stand, Tangram pieces, Word tiles, Number tiles and stackable storage for these. All 5 games are included in the kits too but there are other games that you can purchase. There are Disney games which I think will be a huge hit with a lot of children!

What did we think?

Firstly, the set up and appearance of Osmo is great. It is colourful and doesn’t take up much space at all which is perfect as it takes only a few seconds to set up. Elsa played with this as she is school age but Cleo wanted to play too so playing with Osmo with her is something that we will start doing to get her ready for school. Osmo is great for children aged 5 to 12 but this depends on your child and I would use it to get them ready to start school. There are different levels so you can decide what is best for your child.

Osmo is also used in over 30,000 classrooms in schools so that reassures me that it is beneficial for my children to be using it and that teachers approve of how Osmo encourages children to learn.

Setting up Osmo was very easy. We are playing on a Fire tablet and it was as easy as unboxing all the Osmo pieces and downloading the Osmo apps. You do have to log in but it takes no time at all. We used a white piece of paper under out Osmo to give it a clear base but you can just use your table. After a little while, Elsa was able to use and set up Osmo on her own. It is great for when I am writing and she wants to play. It means that she can learn and play without having to wait for me to help her.

I really like that it is available on Amazon Fire as well as Ipad as Fire tablets are easier to purchase for a lot of families due to their price point. Osmo will also replace any missing pieces if you misplace any which is great as smaller pieces can get lost. Osmo is going to be part of our home and school life for years to come and we can’t wait to explore more of what it has to offer.

Osmo games are very very fun! I found myself joining in and the Tangram game is my personal favourite but what is more important is what Elsa thinks of it!

Once again, Tangram was her favourite. Making the different picture using the shapes was the game that she wanted to play the most. Followed by the Word game. Unfortunately we couldn’t get the number game to work but we will keep trying. Elsa has been using Osmo for both learning and play. She enjoys playing it so much and it is definitely worth purchasing!

Check out what Elsa thinks in this video!

This video doesn’t exist

It is a unique but brilliant way to learn. Elsa didn’t seem to get bored of Osmo and she just wanted to keep playing and finding out all the other games that are available for her to play. Masterpiece was another great game for her as it helped with her practising her handwriting.

We are going to look at some of the expansion kits as Elsa and Cleo want to play the Disney games and I want to encourage them to learn and with Osmo that seems to be realty easy and fun!

1010607 (1).jpg

To find out more and to purchase visit the Osmo website.


*Disclaimer – We were sent Osmo in exchange for a blog post review*

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