At Home Family Fun With Funko!

Funko Pops seem to be one of the most popular collectables at the moment and as a company they release so many new and exciting products! We have been playing with Funko products to keep us occupied as a family at home!

If you don’t know what Funko is then I will explain. They are cartoon themed products that are based on popular TV, Film and Celebrities and even members of the Royal Family! There is a Funko Pop! for everyone! There are thousands  and thousands  to collect and because of their popularity, there is now a huge range of products.

Here is what we have been having family fun with:

The Classic Funko Pop Vinyl figures are the one most recognisable collectables on the market. They are sold in so many high street stores and there are a huge amount of online stores that stock them. After a quick google search, I discovered that in August of 2019 there were 8366 different Pop Vinyl figures to collect. That was almost a year ago so I would imagine that number is now a lot more as their popularity has done nothing but increase as time goes on. We have quite a collection and so far, we have collected ones from TV and Film that we are interested in. But we have more to add to our collection now! Our new Pop Vinyls are Batman, Harley Quinn and Hello Kitty. We like to keep them in the boxes and maybe one day, we will decided to take them out but we want our collection to grow and the easiest way to store them is in their boxes. They are priced at around £10 so it is up to you how many you purchase. Whether that is 1 or 100!

Mini Collectables are popular too. This is the first time we have had mini collectables but we have discovered that we like the idea of the surprise when it comes to collecting these. The Harry Potter ones come in little boxes and there are 14 to collect and they are 3.8 cm tall. We have 2 from the newest series and we were very impressed with the detail of them considering that they are small. Elsa was very excited to open Ron Weasley and Thestral and they make a brilliant addition to our collection as well as being a great start to our Harry Potter Funko collection.

If you are looking for something a little bit different but still a surprise then a Soda Figure might be for you. I had never seen these before and we got the Batman edition. They are limited edition and there are only 10,000 pieces made so it is a must have for anyone’s superhero Funko collection. The Batman figure is 10.8 cm tall and comes inside the collectable soda can which is great for display. You also get a collector card with your vinyl figure.

Then there is the other products that are available for the avid collectors! Funkoverse is a game version of Funko Pop Vinyls. We have been playing the Jurassic Park version and even though it took a while to understand the rules, there is no denying that the game is very very well thought-out and made. We really enjoyed playing it as a family and Cleo loved the smaller dinosaur Pop Vinyl and I’m not sure that he will be going back in the box! The game may take a little time to grasp but once you do then there are so many different ways to play and it is definitely a boredom buster for all the family! There are so many different Funkoverse games and add-ons to purchase and I am going to look at the different ones once we have played all the scenarios of the game.

The kids two favourite products from the ones that we were kindly sent are the Rick and Morty pen and the Harry Potter cuddly toy. The pen might be the smallest Funko product we have but Elsa loves the idea of doing school work with a pen that features a Pop Vinyl figure. She has never watched Rick and Morty but she found it amazing anyway! Cleo on the other hand loves the Harry Potter cuddly toy. She has been playing it with ever since I unboxed it and I am going to be looking at other ones that I can purchase for her birthday next month!

We are very very impressed with all the products from Funko and they will always be part of our home as our collection grows!


Disclaimer – I was kindly sent a box of Funko products in exchange for a blog post



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