KateHaa Wooden Balance Board – Toy Review

Balance boards are very popular at the moment. They are an all round amazing toy that has so many different uses. KateHaa is a family-owned business that creates some of the most beautiful balance boards and wooden toys. 

What is a balance board?

Balance Boards are great for children and adults. They encourage imaginative play through the many ways that the board can be used. Balance boards help improve gross and fine motor skills and coordination skills. They are great for keeping fit and can also improve posture and obviously balance itself. Balance boards are recommended by physiotherapists, teachers and so many more childcare professionals.  

KateHaa Balance Boards are made with care. They are elegant and look incredible in any room in the house. They can be used anywhere – indoors or outdoors. 

Balance boards allow children to play however they want too. They can be used as: A bridge, a slide, a see-saw, step, ladder, rocker and however your child decides.  They can make their own games with the board. 

What do we think of the KateHaa Balance Board?

With the many ways that your child can play with the balance board, the age range for play is huge. The KateHaa larger boards are great for people young or old. There are different sizes so it is important to check which size is best for you and your family. 

KateHaa balance boards come in a huge variety of patterns and woods as well as the different sizes too. We have the roads board but there are other designs such as rainbows, ocean and natural and wood effect boards. The boards do vary in price depending on which pattern or wood you want. 

We have had our eyes on balance boards for a little while and it is a toy that we wanted to introduce to the kids because we know they would find their own little ways of playing with it. Brody plays with it differently to how Elsa or Cleo play and Cleo plays differently to Elsa but they also play together. They are able to create their own exciting games with their board and it can change everytime we get it out. 

Cleo has global development delay and is a sensory seeker so she wants to get a sensory response from toys. We are always trying new ways of helping her with her sensory seeking and we had heard that a balance board is great for sensory play too. Cleo definitely got a sensory response from our board and if she needs to burn some energy or take 5 minutes to do a sensory activity she will now reach for the balance board. Her favourite way to play is to do the splits or lay down and rock back and forth. 

It is really helping with sensory play and Elsa and Brody can also join in too. We went for the road balance board as we knew that kids would play cars on it anyway and the different patterns are so unique and playful. 

About KateHaa

All KateHaa products are made in Latvia with natural materials, water based paints and they are made to last a lifetime and to be passed down the generations. Their products are used with baby safe materials and they all meet safety quality standards EN17 for Europe and ASTM for the US. The balance boards are marked with the KateHaa logo. 

All customs and extra charges are included in the price so you have nothing to worry about.

The KateHaa products are made with care, love and attention and they really are a great addition to any play space.

If you are looking to purchase one then I have a discount code, it is THECOASTALMUMMY

You can purchase or find out more over on the KateHaa website. 

Disclaimer- we were kindly gifted this in exchange for a blog post

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