Jewel Secrets Princess Glam Set Review

I can remember when I was little, all I wanted was those sets with the tiara and jewellery. So when I saw these Jewel Secret sets, my daughters just had to have them!

The Jewel Secrets Princess Glam Set is a dress up set with a big difference. Your child can create their very own princess glam. Each set comes with the jewellery itself such as a wand, tiara and bracelet in the Princess set. It then also comes with a jewellery box and magic stones. Inside each magic stone is gems which can be used with the jewellery. The box can be unlocked with a magic key and used with water to expose the gems inside the magic stones. In this set, you get 30 gems of all different shapes and sizes. These gems are then used on the jewellery to create unique princess looks.

After all of the gems have been exposed from the magic stones, the jewellery box can be used to keep the spare gems in when they are not being used in the tiara, wand or bracelet. The Jewel Secret sets are suitable for children aged 4 years plus and there are a few different sets to collect.

The Jewel Secrets sets encourage imagination and creativity. There are 3 sets to collect and each gem has a different meaning. It brings something different to jewellery making and dressing up and it creates hours of fun.

The Jewel Secrets Princess Glam Set is priced at £29.99, the Royal Glam Set is priced at £19.99 and the Ring Set is priced at £12.99.

Cleo had great fun playing with this set and is a great addition to her dressing up chest. Even after all the magic stones have been used, there are still hours of fun to be had. The items in the set is brilliant quality and she has put one of the smaller sets on her Christmas list for this year!

Disclaimer – we were kindly sent this in exchange for a blog post

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