Introducing Britannica Magazine – The New Way To Learn

The Britannica Encyclopedia has been around since the 18th century. It has been a research for learning for hundreds of years and now it has been adapted for children.

Britannica have created something for curious young minds – The Britannica Magazine!

A monthly magazine that covers interesting topics from space to the human body, dinosaurs to the history of machines. The learning possiblities are endless with this new magazine. It is around 50 pages long and includes facts, news, colouring and quizzes. The magazine is aimed at children around 7 years of age and it only launched in April 2022 so it is great time to start a subscription! Subscriptions start from £5.99 and month and there are even freebies with certain packages.

Britannica Magazine is ideal for Elsa, she loves to learn to read about the world. All the pages are brightly coloured and the layout is great too. It keeps children gripped and interested using a mixture of cartoons and real life photos. One huge bonus of the magazine is that you can collect them and read them over and over again. They are perfect for helping with school work too or be a homeschooling tool!

Elsa found the magazine easy to read and understand. Each page is jam packed with information and fun and games. As a parent, this magazine is a huge hit with us. It is educational but Elsa also finds it fun and entertaining. The price point is brilliant too and the subscriptions are great value for money as well as the free gifts that come with the different subscriptions.

It is like having the the big encyclopedia Britannica in a smaller more compact version that can be taken out and about or read anywhere.

The Britannica Magazine subscriptions would make an amazing gift – the gift of learning!

You can find out more and find the different subscriptions here.

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