You had a party.

We are all finding out. You had a party.

2020. 2021. We struggled.

Children’s mental health went down the drain.

We disinfectanted everything.

You had a party.

We wore masks. Had vaccines.

We sacrificed our mental health.

You had a party.

Children lost precious years of education.

Teenagers missed out on GCSEs and their future.

Hospitals were on their knees.

You had a party.

A 100 year old man walked miles to raise money for OUR NHS.

I couldn’t visit my nan in hospital.

I couldn’t sit with my nan while she passed away.

You had a party.

All Alone.



And Depression.

People died on their own.

You had a party.

Women have birth on their own.

Women experienced bad news in scan rooms on their own.

You had a party.

Missed milestones.

Food shortages.

Press conferences.

People lost their jobs, livelihoods.

You had a party.

People took their own lives.

Friends, family passed away. No funerals.

Cancer patients waiting for treatment.

Lives ripped apart.

You had a party.

No family.

No friends.

1 hour outside.

Track and trace.

My disabled brother heartbroken due to lockdowns.

You had a party.

No support. Left.

Our lives changed.

You had a party.

You let the bottles pile high. You told us it wasn’t safe while you had a party. 2 years of life gone. Lives gone. Money gone. Mental health gone. Education gone but yet you had a party.

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