A Moment In History

Over the last few years, we have experienced things that we never thought we would and 2022 is being no different to previous years.

Sadly, the Queen has passed away and the whole world is grieving. It is another moment in history that we will never forget. It was something that we all expected but it was still a shock for everyone. It hit us like a ton of bricks. At the age of 96 years old, she is the only queen we have ever known.

It has been a sad week or so and having to explain everything to Elsa has been hard. Cleo and Brody are none the wiser but one day I will be able to tell them all about it. Death can be a hard subject to talk about so the Queen passing away has brought the topic to the forefront of conversations between parents and children. Watching the funeral on TV has started health questions and conversations.

The Queen passing away is something that we are all experiencing and if you like the royal family or not, it is a time for everyone to grieve. A time to change. A new King and a new Prime Minster in a week. It is alot to take in and it is ok to be stressed out.

It is a moment in history for all of us. It is going to be something that we can all talk about for years to come.

We have been going through a mix of emotions at home. Not only are we experiencing the passing of the Queen but a new King. The sadness but excitement at the same time.

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