Is Your Hamstar A Pop Star? – Hamstars Review

Introducing Hamstars! A new group of pop stars that can have a big makeover!

Hamstars come with everything your child needs to create makeovers on their little Hamstars friends. From glitter, to clips to hair brushes, there is everything you can think of. Before the Hamstars take to the stage, they need a makeover and the possiblities for the makeovers are endless.

There are little plushes that come in microphones or tall Hamstars styling figures that come in boxes that double as a stage. Some of the sets even come with your very own microphone.

Cleo recieved 3 of the sets to review. She loves toys that are hands on. The more creative the better and Hamstars double as dolls and a creative arty toy. A child’s imagination is an incredible thing and toys that encourage that are perfect. With so many different sets, there is one of every budget too. From a pocket money toy or a birthday or christmas present, Hamstars make the best gift.

Hamstars come with a really good amount of accessories. The playtime is endless and the bright and colourful Hamstars are very eye catching.

The smaller plush sets come in a microphone with a few accessories such as a comb, hairbands and clips. The plush does have hair just like the larger dolls so it can be styled.

The larger styling figures such as the World Tour Bus set include a microphone for your child, the larger Hamstar and all the accessories that are needed to makeover the Hamstar. This set and the Speaker Dressing Room set both double as a cardboard stage. It is great that the boxes can also be played with and not just thrown away!

Hamstars are available now from Amazon

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