Butlin’s holiday 3rd-7th October!

EKK! We are off on holiday today!!!

We are going to our favourite place…..BUTLINS! We have been going for a few years now, me and Jonny went before we had Elsa and loved it so knew we would love going as a family, there is so much to see and do and I know we will have a fantastic 5 days away. I have some posts ready to go  up this week as I wont have time to write them but I still want content to go up for my lovely readers. I keep thinking this will be a nice relaxing break away but I’m starting to think taking a toddler to Butlins doesn’t seem like it will be as relaxing as I first thought. I really want to get a mid week update posted but I will see what we are doing tomorrow or Wednesday as I hopefully will be able to put a quick one up while Elsa and Jonny are playing football or something!

Right, I must go as we have got to start our journey to Skeggy!

Bye bye!





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