15 things that Elsa* has had a tantrum about in the last few weeks!

*AKA the Terror Toddler!IMG_20161101_175343.jpg

Oh the joy of toddlers!

All toddlers has tantrums but Elsa seems to have tantrums over some silly things so I have written a few down!

  • I stop her from expressing her inner Picasso on my living room wall
  • We don’t let her rugby tackle Rory
  • I say ‘NO’ every hour of every day because yet again Elsa wants more ‘choc choc’ Yes, in Elsa language that is chocolate
  • I don’t let her wear my bra on her head and go out of the house
  • I have to hide every screw driver in the house because she tries  to undo everything
  • I tell her off because she is shouting from the roof tops ‘shut up mum!’
  • I brush her hair, Yes even though she has gorgeous hair (my own biased opinion) she hates her hair being brushed
  • I refer to her as my terror toddler
  • I deny her more toothpaste on her already mountain on her toothbrush
  • Even though she has already watched Toy Story 1,2 &3, oh and the shorts. She still wants to watch them all again but I want to watch some crappy daytime telly so the answer is ‘NO’
  • She tips out a whole box of cereal and then has a breakdown
  • I want to go to the toilet in peace ( like every parent)
  • I cuddle Rory
  • I am on my phone for more that 10 minutes at a time
  • I try to do any work on my blog

Having a tantrum can be tiring but at the same time some of the things they do just make you laugh!






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