HeyWow! book review – Elsa in the city!

An adventure just for you

Elsa and I received a book to review from Heywow! books. Their books can be completely personalised with your child’s name and photo on every page. It is the ultimate seek and find book for children of any age. HeyWow! are a UK based company but they ship worldwide ( which is absolutely free!) The book itself cost £19.99 and is A4 size so it is great for tiny hands.

Each page ask your child to find themselves in a crowd in different parts of the city. These include:

  • Traffic Jam
  • Café
  • Zoo
  • Playground
  • Underground
  • Museum
  • Fairground
  • Gallery
  • The City
  • Cinema
  • The Street
  • Sleeping

In The City is the first book from HeyWow! but they do have more titles coming very soon!

Elsa absolutely loves her book and loves finding herself in all the different city settings. It can take her a while to find herself sometimes but this makes it amazing for long car journeys or holidays.

It really is a must for any children’s book collection

We would recommend HeyWow! to everyone, the customer service was quick and the website is very easy to use. It would make an amazing birthday or Christmas present or maybe just a little treat for the little person in our life.

We also have a discount code for you!! It’s Hey10off for 10% off your order!

Thank you  HeyWow! books for sending over Elsa’s book for us to review! We love it!


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