Petit-Fernand product range review

With Elsa now going to Nursery more and more, I always worry about her belonging going missing.

Even though I don’t send her in anything expensive or that can’t be replaced easily, it isn’t great when they come home without their coat, bottle or lunch box.

For the last few weeks we have been testing out a selection of Petit-Fernand products. Petit-Fernand is a brand that creates personalised labels, bottles, lunch boxes and mugs. All of which are made in France. The products that we have been testing out are; personalised labels, water bottles and mugs. I ordered a personalised labels starter pack for the purposes of using them on things that Elsa will take to Nursery. The starter pack comes with 80 labels, enough to make sure everything has your little ones name on that might need it. Included in the starter pack is;

  • 20 stick on labels for clothes
  • 20 iron-on labels for clothes
  • 10 mini item stickers
  • 20 item stickers
  • 10 shoe labels.


You get your labels in a book that also contains protective paper that you will need to use the iron-on labels. I chose a rainbow background with a dinosaur logo for Elsa’s name labels. When ordering I took me a while to pick what to put on them as the selection and possibilities is brilliant. The starter pack is priced at £22 and contains everything you would need for a year at Nursery or School. They are also machine washable and quick to apply.

As well as trying out the labels, we were also trying out Petit-Fernand’s water bottles and mugs. I ordered Elsa and Cleo a water bottle and myself and Elsa a mug. The bottles are Isothermal and made from stainless steels. They come with a anti-leak cap so perfect for little ones too. As the bottles have a 350ml capacity and are double walled so they keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. So they are ideal for a day out. The same as the labels, they can be personalised with a design as well as a name, font and font colour. For Elsa and Cleo, I picked a design that I know she will love for years. The bottles are very good quality so I imagine they will stand the test of time and two toddlers. I can’t wait to make the girls some hot chocolate in the winter in their Petit-Fernand bottles. It will be so handy when they go to watch their dad play football in the colder months. The bottles are priced at £22 each.


Now to the mugs. Everyone loves a good mug, mostly for a good cup of tea. When ordering on Petit-Fernand, I saw these mug and just had to have one of my own. I thought there was no better design than a mermaid one for The Coastal Mummy. The mugs again like the labels and the bottles have many ways that they can be personalised. The font, theme design, font colour, the name and the inside and handle colour of the mug can all be changed to fit the person that is receiving the mug. I had picked the matching mug to the bottle for Elsa, she loves the pattern as it has an assortment of colourful illustrations. Perfect for a younger child. The mugs are a good size, even though the majority of the products on their website are aimed at children. The size of the mugs means that are a decent size for an adult. The mugs are priced at £14 each.


Delivery of my order from Petit-Fernand took less time than I expected considering it was coming from France. It took around 4 days, quicker than somethings take in the UK. Delivery time will vary but they do tell you on the site the average time for different places so always check just incase. The order came well packaged and even though it had travelled thousands of miles and it included breakable goods in it. Everything in the boxes was perfect with no complaints at all. I was a little bit worried about getting mugs sent from overseas due to them being fragile but it was absolutely fine.

Petit-Fernand also sell personalised lunch boxes and there are more varieties of the label packs for different uses such as School, Nursery and School trips. To check out more designs and products check out their website.


*We are kindly sent products from Petit-Fernand in exchange for an honest review*


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