Hey Duggee Flip & Learn Phone Review

Hey Squirrels!

If you and your children know what this means then this is the toy for you!

You and your children could earn your learning badge with the Hey Duggee Flip & Learn Phone!  It can encourage and help improve number and colour recognition, communication skills, hand-eye co-ordination, imaginative play and concentration skills while being perfect for your little Hey Duggee fans.

The Hey Duggee Flip & Learn phone is a colourful flip phone that features a backlit screen. You can call Duggee and the Squirrels to learn about colours, numbers and fun facts about the Squirrels. As well as pretend to take photos. It is brilliant for encouraging imaginative play. The phone is the perfect size for little hands too and is suitable for ages 18 months plus.

Cleo loves Duggee! She could watch it all day if I let her and with her being 3 in July, it is the ideal time to start teaching her things like colours and numbers and I feel like this is a great way. The Duggee theme of the toy keeps her attention and she is learning without even realising it. Elsa is 5 and is also enjoying playing with it (when she can, Cleo is protective over her Duggee phone!) It is a great toy and we recommend it if you child is the age were they are starting to want to learn and they are Duggee lovers!

The price is £10.99 and it is available from John Lewis


Disclaimer – We were kindly gifted the Hey Duggee Flip & Learn Phone in exchange for a review

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