Little Live Pets Lil’ Dippers & Lil’ Birds Review!


A few christmases ago Elsa got a Little Live Pet Bird and she was obsessed with it for a good few weeks, maybe even months. Elsa and Cleo are both huge animals and even up until recently, they have had fish at home. We still have our fish tank but it isn’t really something that the kids can help or play with so we needed another idea of how they could get involved and feel as if they are looking after fishes for themselves.

Little Live Pets have been around for a little while and they are toys that Elsa and Cleo have played with before, so when we received a parcel from them, we knew that whatever was in it was going to be a huge hit with them.

The first Little Live Pets Toy that we found in the parcel was the Little Live Pets Lil’ Dippers and the playset. The Lil’ Dippers playset is priced at £24.99 and is a complete starter kit. Included is the fish tank, plants and your first Lil’ Dippers fish. You can also buy additional Lil’ Dippers for £12.99 and they are compatible with the playset and can also be played with on their own. They can be used anywhere as they are played with in real water.

The fish look very life like, they swim out of the packaging when you first place them in to water and the have realistic side-to-side and up-and -down motions that make them look like real fish swimming in a fish tank. They also come with a magical feeder that allows your fish to follow you around the tank. There are 3 to collect and they are available from all good toy retailers!

We also received one of the season 10 Lil’ Birds. We have played with the Little Live Birds before and the kids really enjoyed them and of course this one was no different. The little birds are brightly coloured and have glittery feathers. The best thing about these cute little birds is how interactive they are. The more that you play with them, the more that they will respond. There is also a fun record and play back feature which Elsa and Cleo loved and the little bird has 20 cute birdy sounds. Lil’ birds are priced at £9.99 and are available from all good toy retailers!

Little Live Pet toys are great for young children. They encourage imaginative play and can even prepare a child for life with a fishy friend. Elsa and Cleo find interactive toys like this, the best to play with as there are so many play possibilities.

You can also win Little Live Pets prizes and more over on

Disclaimer – We are kindly gifted these products in exchange for a blog post but all views are our own.

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