Celebrating Christmas With Moonpig!

Christmas prep has officially begun!

Time to get the tree out and start playing those Christmas tunes but how is Moonpig helping us get prepared for Christmas?

Christmas prep seems to get earlier and earlier in the year and with a family that just keeps getting bigger, it is a good job that Moonpig is prepared for this. A month or so ago, I had a virtual event with Moonpig where we discussed everything festive related including all the fun and festive things that Moonpig has to offer this year.

Moonpig is known for their personalised cards and obviously that super catchy TV advert – moonpig.com! But personalised cards and catchy tunes isn’t the only that they are amazing at creating.

Not only do they have the website but they also have an app that is available on android and apple devices. From the app, you can do everything that you do from the website. Personally, I find the app easier to use and the whole process on the app is more user friendly. Everything is in sections so you know exactly where to go to find what it us that you are looking for.

Moonpig now do a huge range of card that can be personalised both on the front of the card but also inside so there is that added personal touch. There is also a massive range of gifts for pretty much every occasion that you could think of. Flowers, food gifts, toys, you name it and they probably have it and it can be delivered with a Moonpig card too.

The process of creating Christmas cards through Moonpig is super easy. We can send the same card to multiple address so it is quick and simple to get a big festive job done. The added tough of adding a family photo or a photo of the kids is great for family and friends that live further away or don’t see us often.

I find there is everything that I need on Moonpig and it is a one stop shop if I need to get someone something special.

Via the app, you can add birthdays and occasions to a diary so you won’t forget to send cards and gifts. It will remind you to send them if you want it too. IPhone users can actually hand write a message and scan it in so it will appear in the card. I really hope this feature gets added to android as the kids would love to do cards with their writing or drawings in.

You can find out more about Moonpig Christmas cards and gifts by heading over to moonpig.com or downloading the app.

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