What Is The Best Children’s Book?

As I write this, it is World Book Day! I have 3 children all dressed up. Elsa decided on wearing Snow White, Cleo decided on Red Hiding Hood and Brody is wearing a Harry Potter clock.

There are hundreds if not thousands of dressing up ideas for World Book Day. We just normally have the kids dress up however they want to and connect it to a book. Some how.

But it really gets me thinking… What is the best children’s book?!

For us, we love books and we have way to many! I can’t help but buy them though! Dr Suess has always been one of my favourite authors.

Then there are the classics such as The Gruffalo, We are going on a bear hunt and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

So what is the best children’s book?!

For younger kids our absolute favourite was “‘Owl Babies” by Martin Waddel. Beautifully illustrated and a kind and heart warming story. – Best Lodges With Hot Tubs

For older kids ( my 9 year old and I read it together) we thoroughly enjoyed “ The Boy at the Back of the Class” by Onjali Q. Raúf. It’s a wonderful story that tackles important issues but in a very kind way. – Family Travel With Ellie

One of our favourites is the old classic, Flat Stanley. It is an exciting storyline, which leaves scope for so much discussion about things we would choose to do if we were flat. I remember it vividly from my childhood and now my children will, too. – Blossom Education

The Treehouse Stories by Andy Griffiths are amazing. My daughter absolutely loves them and reads them so quickly. She’s just turned 9. She also loves Holly Webs collection of animal books too. – Twin Mummy and Daddy

My 15 year old is loving the James Patterson Confessions series.
My 6 year is loving Maverick early readers books, bright bold and engaging. – A Blogs Life

Fot young children we have always loved I wrote to the zoo. For those a bit older our favourites have included the fish that could wish and the Gruffalo and for those who read by themselves we recommend the Diary of a wimpy kid books. – The Strawberry Fountain

Can’t beat the classic Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. A great story to get your imagination going for all ages. A total classic. – Twinderelmo

We love The Girls by Lauren Ace and Laura Hughes and Izzy Gizmo by Pip Jones and Sara Ogilvie for fantastic picture books! – Readaraptor Hatchling

Our younger children love Julia Donaldson lift the flap board books – great for busy little hands with all the items to discover! – Natural Beauty With Baby

My 7 year old likes the My Naughty Little Sister books by Dorothy Edwards (from the 1950s) and 5 year old is enjoying the (more modern) Claude the dog books by Alex T Smith. Both are illustrated and quite fun 🙂 – Miss Manypennies

My 6 yo loves the “don’t let the pigeon drive the bus”. It is hilarious story and both parents and children enjoy reading. It’s about a cheeky little pigeon that is desperately trying to convince you to let him drive the bus. We love it! – Kristines Blog

My 8 year old is a bit of a reluctant reader although he does love curling up with me while I read to him. However, a friend lent him a book from the Treehouse Story series and wow I can’t believe the change. He sat down and read 100 pages in one go and finished the book over 3 days. Now I just need to get my hands on more! – Red Kite Days

My son loved the How to Train your Dragon series. Beautifully written with strong characters and lots of action. – Over 40 And A Mum To One

The Percy Jackson series. – Truly Madly Kids

You can’t beat Harry Potter. These are the books that transitioned my son from only enjoying non fiction books, into learning to get lost in a story and now he reads constantly – In The Playroom

The gruffalo! Hands down! Or for older children Harry Potter or the hunger games is really good. And divergent. Also jaqueline Wilson is a must have. – Raising Harry

Fairytales by Hans Christian Andersen are brilliant on many different levels for everyone including adults. The Ugly Duckling, The Little Mermaid etc. – ScandiMummy

The Beast Quest Series by Adam Blade is brilliant. My son struggled with reading until he fell in love with the series and there are so many of them they kept him going until he was ready to move on to something else. – Me, Them and The Others

Ah so many, and especially the classics! The Chronicles of Narnia are an absolute favourite with my four as well as the Nancy Drew series. My teens love Lord of the Rings and the Hunger Games. – Liberty On The Lighter side

My son adores ‘the book with no pictures’ by B J Novak… we have read it countless times and he laughs so much every time. – Have Kids Will Travel UK

My 10 year old has loved reading the Beast of Buckingham Palace by David Walliams. He said it had a mixture of happiness and sadness and although he enjoys all his books, this is his favourite. – Time and Pence

EVERYTHING by Julia Donaldson! I still love a good read of her books and I’m a grown up – ekk!! We also love the new Royal Mint Tooth Fairy Series by Samuel Langley-Swain. AND super exciting news… myself and Dawn White from the former Rhyming With Wine blog have our debut picture book out on the 22nd April 2021 – Wild! – 3 Little Buttons

For younger children, we loved Marmaduke the Very Different Dragon as it was a fun book that celebrated difference and being unique, and now my son is 9 he loves anything by David Walliams (these are funny but do cover important issues like losing a loved one, diversity etc). – Single Parent Pessimist

My kids (2 & 5) absolutely love the books by Sue Hendra, they are brightly illustrated and easy to understand. The storyline really appeals to them, especially “Supertato” and “I need a wee”. – Mummy Wishes

One Hundred Steps by Sir Captain Tom Moore. – Uplifting and Inspiring Content

Got loads. If this helps we did a break down of the best by age here – https://www.daddilife.com/book-squad/
(personal favourite is aliens love underpants!)

All the Supertato books 🥔🦸‍♂️
We have the newest one arriving today ready for bed time tonight 😊 – Married To A Geek

My boys love Traction Man (Mini Grey), Dear Bear (Joanna Harrison) and Man’s First Words (Marvin Sexton). – Cup Of Toast

The Lion Inside by Rachel Bright and Jim Field. It’s a great story about a mouse who reaches out to a lion despite being so small and scared. It’s a beautiful story that teaches a very important lesson. – Northamptonshire Mums and Kids

Here is a post with our favourite toddler books! – https://www.katiefloss.com/2020/05/our-favourite-toddler-books-to-read/

I hope this has helped with finding new books for you and your children to read!

What is the best children’s book?!

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