Are We Really Ready For ‘Freedom Day’?

I was wondering if I should actually write a post about so called ‘freedom day’. I feel like it is a mixed bag of feelings surrounding it at the moment.

As such as it feels good to finally be getting back to some kind of normal, I can’t help but also feel scared that it is happening. How is it happening when numbers of Covid cases are still so high and are continuing to climb?

It is just so conflicting. We all want to get back to our normal lives with no masks, social distancing or rules but at the same time, we want everyone to stay safe. Vaccines are here and a lot of people have had them, myself included and knowing that so many people are some what protected does make you feel better about getting back to normal and having a freedom day on July 19th.

I do feel like the Government have left us to it. That it is now our responsibility if it all goes wrong again, if deaths and more illness happens. I might be going down a rabbit hole of fact verses fiction but it just seems a odd time to lift restrictions. It has been good to see that some places are still keeping rules and restrictions in place to a certain extent. It brings a bit of comfort to know that it isn’t straight back to life before Covid.

Over the last few weeks, we have done 2 PCR tests on the kids due to a cough. All tests came back negative but now a bubble has burst at Elsa’s school. Not her class but it is still worrying. A day later, I had a call to collect Elsa as she is ill and as I write this, she is laid on the sofa with a cough, headaches, tummy aches and just feeling rubbish. It is looking like another PCR test and isolation for us. We came out of isolation just over a week ago and here we are again. She hasn’t got a temperature so that is a bonus. It will soon be the summer holidays so we are hoping for less isolation and more fun when that comes around.

Freedom day and the summer holiday for us fall in the same week! We are all going to be a little nervous and I can only hope that it works out for all of us!

Stay safe everyone!

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