Kangaroo Beach Has Come To Nick Jr!

Kangaroo Beach is a new children’s animated series that encourages children to learn about beach and sea safety!

The creator of Kangaroo Beach, Tim Bain started his career in Children’s TV writing episodes for shows such as Bob the Builder, PJ Masks, Thomas and Friends 3 series of Fireman Sam. During his career he discovered that through Children’s TV shows, he could spread positive and informative messages to children.

Kangaroo Beach is the only TV show for preschool aged children that teaches about water and beach safety. Every year there are accidents on our UK beaches and teaching children from a young age about beach safety can prevent accidents and incidents happening.

What is Kangaroo Beach?

Kangaroo Beach is a series of 26 episodes that last 11 minutes long. It follows the journeys and adventures of 4 young animals; Pounce, Gemma, Neville and Frizzy who are using their summer to train as junior cadets with their life guard heroes.

The episodes are action packed and it will full of funny and lovable characters that children will love. The series encourages children to learn both about water play but also about water and beach safety.

Water advice for the show has been provided by water safety professionals and accredited by the Swimming Teachers Association, the UK’s most reputable water safety charity.

The show wants children to enjoy the water but at the same time think and inform themselves of the dangers and beach/water safety before getting in to the water.

What did we think?

We visited the beach alot and we try and teach our children beach and water safety. Sometimes they probably think that we are just being overprotective. Using Kangaroo Beach makes learning about safety fun for them and they are more likely to listen.

It is the ideal show if you are wanting to visit the beach this summer or if you live close to the the beach.

Elsa, Cleo and Brody love watching it and with the episodes being only 11 minutes long, it keeps their attention too.

You can watch Kangaroo Beach on Nick Jr. from the 26th July – weekdays at 9.30am and over on their Youtube channel!

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