Our Journey So Far With Hypoglycemia

If you are following me on social media then you will know that Cleo has been in and out of hospital for just over a year now.

Between admissions and then appointments, the hospital has pretty much become a second home for us. That in itself has been a journey for us. I’ll be honest being in the hospital isn’t my favourite thing in the world.

Ketotic Hypoglycemia is where the blood sugars drop and the body produces Ketones. It can happen when children become ill or haven’t eaten in a while. Cleo’s blood sugars just drop randomly at the moment but before it was only at night time. We were told a while ago that Cleo has Ketotic Hypoglycemia and most children do grow out of it. There seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel for us yet though.

If anything Cleo’s Hypogylcemia is getting worse. We have asked for a second opinion from another hospital and we are seeing a specialist in March so that will be an interesting appointment. We are currently funding her continuous glucose monitor ourselves too but it is working and we are managing to stay away from being admitted to the hospital.

I have lost my temper with the hospital on a few occasions which I have felt bad about afterwards but we don’t seem to be getting anywhere and it isn’t far on Cleo to feel poorly all the time.

Due to her blood sugars dropping, Cleo isn’t at school at the moment. We have decided to keep her off as it is safer for her to be at home when there is a chance that she could have a seizure when her sugars drop. We had a situation at school not long ago where Cleo had what seemed to be a seizure in the playground. The school managed it very well but while Cleo’s lows are being treated properly and while we don’t have a reason, she is at home with me.

It is becoming harder and harder to manage and it is making me exhausted to be honest. We will get there and we will get answers.

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