It’s 3 Years Since I Started Blogging…

This time 3 years ago I was writing my very first blog post. It is crazy how quickly time can fly by and it seems unreal that it has been 3 years since making this blog.

I remember sitting down and spending 4 hours creating this blog and writing my first post. I remember not telling anyone close to me that I had created a blog, only sharing it on Instagram. I guess I was embarrassed of what people would say so I just didn’t tell anyone which looking back now was a bit silly because my blog was never going to grow unless I shared and shared and shared! I didn’t even tell anyone that I had entered the Mencap Journalism Awards! The only reason they knew I had done it was because I then won and I told everyone.

Over time I have learned to care less about what people think of me and my blog and I’ve gone from not sharing to basically sharing pretty much anything and in some cases over sharing. It’s the growth over the last 3 years that has surprised me. My blog was never created to become a ‘job’. I started so I had somewhere  to write about my life and get things off my chest and until you start for that reason, you don’t realise how good that is for you. Just to sit there and write whatever is in your mind at the time. It has helped me through PND and PTSD and has been an outlet to talk about having a sibling with Down Syndrome.

With the good comes the bad and I have had my fair share of bad. Trolls and online hate has been something that I have had to deal with in 2019. It is surprising how many people find my blog because they google Tattle.Life! Again though, over time I have learned to grow and care less thankfully and trolls and silly comments no longer matter to me. I just have to remember how far I have come.

3 years and 4 blogging awards. 20 printed articles in magazines and newspapers, I can’t count the online articles (there is a lot!) and countless times on the radio!  It’s been a wild 3 years filled with amazing opportunities and I have met some brilliant people through blogging. When I started Elsa was just  8 months old and next week she is starting primary school and now we have Cleo and we are about to welcome Baby Fisher! This blog has documented our life changing, both the good and the bad. But I can’t imagine life without blogging now!

Here’s to the next 3 years!



2 thoughts on “It’s 3 Years Since I Started Blogging…

  1. Congratulations on 3 years it’s been nearly 4 for me I couldn’t imagine not doing it, even if I don’t have a big following I know I may still be helping someone x heres to many more 🍾


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