Escape Room The Game Review

Escape rooms are really popular at the moment. More and more are popping up but what if it could be easier to play an escape room?! What about doing on in your own home with friends and family?!

Escape Room The Game gives you the opportunity to play the popular game but in your own home. In the box, you are provided with everything you need to have an escape room experience. There are 3 rooms to play; Prison Break, Virus and Nuclear Countdown. They increase with difficulty so it is important to start with the easiest one, Prison Break. For each room, you get envelopes which contain resources you need to solve the code. The game is to solve 3 codes in 60 minutes. It sounds easy but when we played it, we found out it wasn’t. As well as the room packs within the box, you also receive 16 keys, a chrono decoder and instructions.

Not to worry to much though, you do get hint card which are to be used at certain times. The chrono decoder tells you when you have a code right, wrong and when to take a hint card. The keys are to be put into the decoder when you have solved the puzzle or riddle for each part of the rooms. The 16 keys have numbers, letters, shapes and roman numerals on them, these are all to do with the answers to each code. It sounds so much easier than it actually is!

It is important to keep your cool and to communicate. Escape Room The Game is for people aged 16 plus and is perfect to play for 3-5 people. Jonny and I played the Prison Break room and we did it with 4 minutes left but this is the ‘easiest’ room. It is helpful to have a pen, paper and your phone to hand. These are very useful tools that you can use to help find the codes.

I was very impressed with the game and playing Prison Break has left me wanting to play the other rooms too! It would be a great game to play at a party or at a birthday or Christmas get together!

Escape Room The Game is available from Amazon and is priced at £29.99


*Disclaimer – We were sent Escape Room The Game in exchange for a blog review *

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