What Is The Best Family Christmas Movie?!

With Christmas fast approaching, family Christmas films will soon be on our TVs but what is the best Christmas film?!

My favourite will always be The Grinch. I am a huge Dr Seuss fan so it is an obvious choice! I asked some fellow UK parent bloggers what their favourite Christmas film is and this is what they said:

Deck The Halls

It’s such a fab funny family film! – Life With Lianne

Ooh so many! A Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, Home Alone 1 and 2, Elf and also Deck The Halls! I love the comedy Christmas films! – Lylia Rose

Santa Claus: The Movie!

I watched it every Christmas eve with my mum and now I watch it every Christmas eve with the twins. – Becca Blogs It Out

My kids love The Santa Claus with Tim Allen. It’s a fab, feel good Christmas family film. – Christmas Magic

The Muppet Christmas Carol

Best.film.ever! – Coffee, Cake, Kids

I second the Muppets Christmas Carol. I’ve watched it while putting up the tree for over ten years now, it’s become a tradition – The Incidental Parent

I watched it every year as a child and now i watch it with my kids every year. It’s a real feel-good. family movie. – The UnNatural Mother

Home Alone

Love the slapstick comedy bits. Especially when Kevin gets the better of the crooks. – A Rose Tinted World

It takes me right back to my childhood and my kids love it too. – Kippers and Curtains

Home alone for sure! – SarahLou Writes

Such a classic and we watch it every year without fail! – Sticky Mud & Belly Laughs

The Grinch

So much fun, colour and a great message too! – Boo Roo and Tigger Too

The Grinch, my 3 year old is currently obsessed. She now lives in a pair of Primark green Grinch slippers, she even sleeps in them.
My favourites are National Lampoons Christmas vacation. Which literally reminds me of my family, and Santa Claus the movie and I used to think it was magical when I was a little girl. – The Merralls Home

Arthur Christmas

I love Arthur Christmas. When I was a kid we used to love One Magic Christmas. Oh and I have to watch Love Actually whilst wrapping the presents. It’s the rules! – Life, Love and Dirty Dishes

We love Arthur Christmas! I have a four year old and two year old twins, so they’re not particularly into much other than animation but they loved Arthur Christmas. So much so, I think we watched it 13 times last year. Not that I’m a bad parent or anything… I’m hoping we might be able to mix it up a bit this year! – Twins, Tantrums & Cold Coffee

Polar Express

Love T.Hanks and it just makes me feel so Christmassy! – Living With Peas

Christmas Chronicles

We love Christmas chronicles, I know it’s a fairy new film but my 8 year old has watched it all year and loves it – even my grinch husband likes it. – The Cheshire Wife
I know it’s relatively new but we love The Christmas Chronicles. Gremlins also gets a vote in our household! – Cup of Toast

Raymond Briggs Father Christmas

It’s not too long to watch and something I loved as a kid too. – Ready Freddie Go

The Nightmare Before Christmas

We always watch The Nightmare Before Christmas. My nearly 4 year old loves it. – Me, him, the dog and a baby!


I Just love the Christmas spirit that he has. We watch it at least 3 times every Christmas. – The German Mama

Elf is my favourite!! I could watch it all year round! – Our Favourite Jar

Oh, it’s got to be Elf! My boy loved it from the first time he watched it last year when he was three. He laughs at so many of the jokes, it brings home some true Christmas magic … and has also meant that he now wants to go on holiday to New York …. don’t we all!! – Gluing Cheese

The Chronicles of Narnia

The Chronicles of Narnia reminds me of Christmas when I was little. – Just Eilidh


Nativity is our favourite, it gets the whole family giggling, along with giving us all the Christmas feels! – Unique Young Mum

I’m a teacher, so Nativity has to be my favourite! My two daughters love it as well and we giggle lots. They would watch it all year round if they could. – Blossom Education

Call Me Mrs Miracle

A totally cheesy made for TV Christmas film but we LOVE it! – Me, Annie Bee

Love Actually

I adore Love Actually. It’s pure cheese but there’s nothing better! – The Grey Home

Miracle on 34th Street

A great one to turn any non believers into believers! Also Santa Clause the Movie is a child hood favourite of mine too. Both super magical! – Twins and Travels


It isn’t Christmas until we have watched it! – All about a Mummy

It’s a wonderful life

Such a classic and I have watched it every year since I was little! – Northumberland Family Diaries

Christmas with the Kranks

it never fails to make me laugh. To me it just epitomises all the organisation that goes into the big day and that it’s all worth it in the end! Plus the scene when they’re caught on the sunbeds by the vicar makes me giggle. – Team Stein

Mickeys once upon a Christmas

Its a family favourite and really fun for the little ones. – Mumma And Her Monsters

Star Wars! Varietats


Comment below what your favourite Christmas film is!


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