Let’s Talk About 2020

I keep seeing posts on social media about looking back at the last 10 years and for me so much has happened in my life over the past decade, there is too much to write about. So for now, lets talk about next year, 2020.

I am not one for making new years resolutions, I seem to break them after a few weeks. So I don’t want to write a list of things that I will achieve throughout 2020. Don’t get me wrong, I do like to set goals but smaller ones. I work better if I set daily/weekly goals than yearly or even monthly ones. For 2020, I want to continue writing but I think that is a obvious one to be honest. My blog has gone from strength to strength as every year has gone by and I am hopeful that 2020 will be no different.

When it comes to Down Syndrome awareness, I am planning on having King’s Lynn Town Hall lit up in blue and yellow in March for World Down Syndrome Day. I want to continue writing and spreading positive stories to other families. It will be our 5th year with Rory so I want to push further with my sibling Down Syndrome awareness.

I want our family goals to be to make more memories. We do so much as a family together already but I want to keep this up. I want to go out and go on as many family holidays as the bank account will allow. Memories and special days are so important to us and in 2020, it will be no different. I want to print out more photos too! It is silly little things like updating photos in the house with new ones every few months, the kids change so much so quick!

Then there are the personal goals. I want to feel stronger. I don’t mean physically. 2019 has been so testing at times and I have had moments when I have felt my mental health slipping. I haven’t done too badly since Brody was born in October and I want to keep the positive mind set. So a good mental health and an a positive attitude is going to be important for 2020.

I also have a very exciting collaboration coming up with Made In Snetty so keep your eyes peeled on social media for more information on that very soon!


One thought on “Let’s Talk About 2020

  1. Hi rebecca, lovely post. I agree about the photos. Having phones is great, instant memories but apart from school photos our walls are bare these days. I have albums from when my kids were babies to toddlers but like my parents we got busy living that I spend weeks not taking any photos. I cherish my photos. A frozen memory in time, that I can revisit in a heart beat. My aim is to embrace the technology and take photos of every little thing! They grow fast! Wishing you and your family the best for 2020.


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