One Year On….

Trigger Warning – Miscarriage. Please do not read if you think this will affect you. Your mental health is more important than this post.

On the 13th January 2019, we received the news that we had a miscarriage. I wrote a blog post  about it not long after it happened and it is all about what we experienced and how we started to process the news.

The pregnancy we lost wasn’t a planned pregnancy but that doesn’t really change the amount of heartbreak that we felt. We got pregnant with Brody very quick after the miscarriage and we weren’t expecting that either. So I am sitting here one year, 365 days later, writing this blog post. A lot has happened in a year. There has been a lot of changes. It has been hard to process at times and looking back one year later, I feel like I am still processing what happened in a way. We lost our Baby Fisher and my Grandad within a week and for that time, I was surrounded by grief. I remember posting on my social media that I didn’t know how to feel. There were so many emotions and when there are so many emotions in your head, it can be much harder to process them.

Life goes so fast and when life is fast moving, your emotions get lost. I still ask myself if it did really happen. 365 days have gone by and don’t get upset like I did before, in that way, I have healed but it is still hard to think about. The next few days will be difficult. I will be staying away from Facebook Memories, I don’t want to read or see what I posted a year ago. I feel like I am rambling in this post but I guess what my blog is for. It’s a place for my mind to unload. It is times like these that I am glad that I started my blog.

I am stronger one year on but still hurting and that is perfectly fine. That is normal.

I ordered my little stone from My Story Stones Rock in memory of Baby Fisher and it is one of the most beautiful but heartbreak things that I have ever owned. They create these stones for so many angel babies.


 One year on, I still feel sad but they do say that time is a healer.


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