Helen A. Lacey’s Let’s Talk Books Review

It is scary to sit there are think that I have been pregnant every other year for the last 5 years. 2015 with Elsa, 2017 with Cleo and 2019 with Brody. Every pregnancy has been completely different and there has been so much to explain to Elsa as well as Cleo when I was pregnant with Brody. But I have found some books that might just help sibling’s when Mummy is expecting a baby!

Helen A. Lacey has written two books which explain both pregnancy as well as having a new baby Brother or Sister so that young children can understand. The books talk directly to the child and ask them questions. They encourage children to understand how a baby develops both in the womb and out as well as involving the child at a time where they might feel a little forgotten.

The first book is called Let’s Talk To Mummy’s Tummy. Helen kindly sent me this book after Brody was born but as Elsa is 5 now and I had a hard pregnancy, she has always had questions of why things happened and she is also really interested in the body so this is just a great way to explain to her how a woman’s body grows a baby but in a way in which she will understand. The book explains pretty much anything that your child might need to know from scans to if baby is born early and if they need a little extra help after they are born. It goes week to week and has beautiful illustrations on each page that help visualise how baby would look at each week. This book would make an amazing gift for a child who is about to become a sibling. There are stickers included for certain weeks to show size comparison as baby is growing. It gives piece of mind and it helped Elsa understand what I was going through. She worried so much about me being poorly while pregnant with Brody and this has definitely help her understand that it takes a lot for Mummy’s body to grow a baby.

The next book is called Let’s Talk About Your New Baby Brother or Sister. This book has been a god send! It shows different development stages so Elsa and Cleo know what Brody should be able to do and what he might do in the coming months. Again like the first book, the illustrations are beautiful and they really do add to the over all special feeling that you get from the book. The book covers the first 24 months, so two years of a baby, enough time for a sibling to bond and start to understand that their sibling is growing up like them.

These books create such a beautiful bond before baby is here and has they grow after birth. It enables you to involve your child in pregnancy in an easy way that is suitable for their age group.

Helen A. Lacey has created some beautiful books that we are going to cherish for years to come and they could even be passed down generations.


You can purchase theses books over on Helen’s website


*Disclaimer – We were kindly gifted these books by Helen A. Lacey in exchange for a blog post*

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