At Home Education With The Royal Mint Kids Hub

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We have all heard of The Royal Mint. They make all of the UK’s coins that we use in everyday life. They are government owned and are a huge part of our lives even if we don’t realise it. They have just created The Royal Mint Kids Hub. This is a new online website full of resources for children.

The Kids Hub contains lots of free activities for children to do, some even feature some well known children’s book and TV characters which feature on Royal Mint coins that are available to purchase. The Hub is there to help keep children entertained as well as being educational. The activities are a mix of online games, downloadable colouring and there are even learning packs for; Maths, Literacy, Science and Art and Design. These packs contain everything to help educate your children in the subjects with the help of coins and The Royal Mint. Perfect if you are home schooling or want to do extra with your children at home.

The Royal Mint created the Hub with children in mind. The activities are eye catching and keep children’s attention not to mention being educational but fun at the same time so children aren’t aware that they are learning lots while having colouring and coin fun.

The website is updated weekly so it is a good idea to keep checking for new content on there. We don’t have a printer at home but Elsa has downloaded the content on her tablet and is able to colour and fill in the worksheets on there. She loves the character activities and Paddington is a firm favourite for us. There is also Peter Rabbit, Gruffalo and Wallace and Gromit themed fun and games on the Kid’s Hub.

What does Elsa think?

Elsa’s thoughts on The Royal Mint Kids Hub are the most important so I wanted to make sure that I asked her what she thought of the website and the activities on there. She is the one that is using it after all.

She was really impressed with all the activities on there and she did go for the character content over anything else but there is a lot of character content on there for her to play with. She found it really easy to download the activities and loved that they were educational and a bit of a challenge too. Paddington is definitely a favourite and we have the Paddington, Peter Rabbit and Gruffalo coins at home so she recognised them.

What do I think as a parent?

Now for what I thought. I like that the content is fun and educational at the same time, it is good to know that the time that Elsa is spending on her tablet is helping her learn too. I like that she can learn about where our money comes from as it is from Royal Mint and it opens up conversations about coins and money which can be hard to talk about with kids. The Royal Mint Kids Hub really did keep her entertained and the colouring pages are great for all ages. The website is ideal for learning at home and it takes the pressure off me to create learning packs around Literacy, Maths and Science. It can be taken anywhere is played with on a mobile device which is ideal for travel and holidays.

You can head over to The Royal Mint Kids Hub HERE!


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