VIP Pet Doll Review

There is a new bunch of fashionable pets on the scene and they have the most amazing hair you have ever seen! We have been testing out the NEW VIP Pet Dolls to discover if they are actually fashionistas!

Cleo wanted to test the VIP Pet dolls and I thought they would be perfect for her. She loves hands on toys that excite her imagination and VIP Pet dolls do just that. There are 12 different one to find; Juliet, Taylor, Alexia, Lady Gigi, Gwen and Nyla which each pet having 2 different styles to collect.  The VIP Pets comes in a big shampoo bottle so you don’t know which one you are getting and who doesn’t love a surprise?!

But that isn’t where the surprises end! Add water to wash their hair to discover and reveal their super long and luxurious hair. There are also blind bag surprises to open up and the packaging includes a hairdressers chair for your pet so you can sit them in there and create gorgeous hair styles. The blind bags include hair accessories for when you become your pets hairdresser.

VIP Pet dolls encourage creative play and role play. They allow your children to use their imagination while playing with the pets very long hair. The dolls are bright and colourful and you get everything you will need to create some beautiful hair styles.

What we thought?

Cleo is 3 years old and the VIP Pets are suitable for 3 years plus. She enjoyed how hands on the dolls were as soon as you get take the outer packaging off. Cleo loves water play too so the washing feature for the hair is ideal for her and she really liked revealing what doll and hair she had. Cleo has Lady Gigi and Gwen but they are all beautiful so she didn’t have a favourite before unboxing.

Cleo is also a fan of the Kitoons Youtube channel which has VIP Pets episodes and digital clips. She can play along with her pets while watching the Youtube channel.

As a parent, I like that VIP Pet dolls encourage imagination and to be creative. There are so many possibilities when it comes to hair styles so you can have hours and hours of fun with the dolls. You get 9 accessories which make it easier to create hair styles.

The VIP Pets episodes on Youtube feature very important messages throughout their story lines. There are episodes on friendship, fashion and the importance of being yourself. I love it when children’t toys and shows include important messages!

VIP Pets are priced at £17.99 each and are available from all good retailers.


Disclaimer – We were kindly sent 2 VIP Pets in exchange for a blog post


One thought on “VIP Pet Doll Review

  1. Looks a good buy. Initially expensive but sounds like it’s worth it from your great review 👍😻


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