Tips for Getting Started on a Greenhouse

Greenhouses can be a wonderful addition to any garden, providing a place for plants to grow and thrive all year long. If you’re thinking of adding a greenhouse to your yard, there are some tips to help you get started.

Here are top things to consider.  

Find the Right Location

When you consider building a greenhouse, you will want to consider where you plan to build it. The location you choose for your greenhouse will play a significant role in its success or failure.

You need to find an area with plenty of direct sunlight throughout the day. Also, ensure you use greenhouse polycarbonate sheets for maximum sun exposure. 

Most greenhouses are oriented to face south for this reason, but if you have only morning sun, you may also be able to use that. Make sure you understand how much effort you will need to put in every day and how often you plan on using it. The last thing you would want is your greenhouse not to be used because of its location.

Think of the Best Layout and Design

It’s also essential to think about the layout you want in your greenhouse: what you want to plant and where you want it placed. A cold frame is a great place to start because you can keep seedlings warm until you’re ready for them outside. 

The width determines how many plants you can fit inside at one time, depending on what you grow. You’ll need shelves or columns to hold up your pots and planters that you use for your plants, along with irrigation systems such as drip trays, overhead sprinklers, or water barrels you can roll around from pot to pot if needed. 

Shelves should be no more than four feet high, so you don’t have to bend over too much; you should also make sure you don’t place them directly under vents or doors because you’ll need the warm air to circulate.

Explore a Variety of Seeds 

The first step you should take on your new greenhouse adventure is to explore a variety of seeds.

With a new greenhouse, you can grow all kinds of fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers you never knew you could before.

Explore the different types of seeds you have access to by reading some seed catalogs online or going to some local garden stores. Different types of seeds you might find are:

  • Radishes
  • Cilantro
  • Rosemary
  • Beans
  • Kohlrabi 

You can also purchase unusual plant varieties from around the world – many through internet sellers. Just be sure that you’re buying from a reputable dealer who will guarantee their products’ quality and viability.

Secure a Water Source 

If you have a water supply near you, you can use it to your advantage by using irrigation systems. However, if you do not have a water source close or if you will be running long lines of tubing from one end of the greenhouse to the other, you may need a pump. There are plenty of different pumps available that you can choose from and they don’t need to run on electricity only. 

Greenhouse gardening can be an excellent way to grow your food, supplement the grocery budget, and provide a hobby for those who like working with plants. But it does take some planning. The list above should be a guide on this adventure. 

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