Trying new Organix snacks!

Organix Snacks pride themselves of being a great taste but with no junk.

They make snacks for babies, toddlers and beyond. We always look at them in the shops and a few packs, without a doubt end up in the trolley. Elsa and Cleo have tried quiet a bit from their range and their favourites are the finger foods carrot sticks and their rice cakes. They are so handy just to throw in the changing bag when we are out and about.

But there are a few new products that Organix have just released and Elsa and Cleo have been trying them out. The first of the 2 products is a range of fruit and seed bites. They come in 3 different flavours; Coconut & Cocoa, Cocoa, Banana & Cocoa. These textured bites are small and perfect to help your little one develop their pincer grip. They are suitable from 12 months + and are made from dates, prunes and sunflower seeds. The bites come in handy little bags that would be perfect to keep in a changing bag or even a lunch box as well as at home. Elsa isn’t keen on fruit and seed type snacks so there was no way that she was going to try these but Cleo did. At first she wasn’t overly sure about them. I haven’t tried her on anything like this before so it was a brand new taste and texture. After trying a few out the packet, she soon loved the taste and before we knew it the whole packet was gone. The good thing is about Organix products is that you know you can trust them to not put any yucky stuff in their snacks.

The second product in our couple of days of new tastes is the Organix Cheese and Onion lentil hoops. These like the fruit and seed bites are suitable from 12 months +. They are made from 65% lentils with corn and a sprinkle of cheese and onion powder. Just like a well known crisp snack these are a yummy cheese and onion flavour but are toddler friendly. Both Elsa and Cleo love cheese and onion so when I first saw these I was so happy that finally I could give them a healthier alternative but without them noticing. They are both loving these and when we go on days out, Jonny and I can pack a small snack bag full of tasty Organix snacks that we know are yummy and there is no junk!

Organix snacks come in single and multipacks and are available from all good supermarkets.


*Disclaimer – We were kindly sent a selection of Organix snacks in exchange for a blog post*

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