#NothingIWouldntDo Down Syndrome Awareness – A Siblings Love

Back at the beginning on September, I had the idea to create a awareness video that was aimed at siblings of those with Down Syndrome.

I posted on my personal Facebook for families who have someone with Down Syndrome that has siblings, it didn’t matter what age they were or where they were in the world. I just wanted to show people that love is the same for those with a sibling with Down Syndrome.

The response from families was amazing and in total there was 26 families that got involved. Every family recorded a short video which showed them having fun and just being themselves. Siblings of those with Down Syndrome get stereotyped, we are told that our sibling will be a burden to us and that we will eventually get ‘left’ with them when anything happens to our parents. It is all rubbish and it was time that us siblings finally made people forget the stereotypes and remove the labels.

After weeks and weeks of organising and work, I finally completed the video. It took a while to edit but it is worth it and I am so happy that I decided to create this campain for siblings.


Thank you to every person that was involved and thank you to every person that has supported this by sharing, liking and commenting!




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