Testing Out Outright Games Switch Games

With more and more children getting their own games consoles, we thought we would put some of the new Outright Switch games to the test.

Outright Games is a family friendly game publisher. They have created games such as Lol, Ryan’s World, How to trian your dragon and many more well known family friendly characters.

Elsa has been testing out 4 of the Outright Games on her Switch. She loves the Switch and it is the best child friendly console so it only makes sense that these games are available on the Nintendo Switch. Most of them are also available on Xbox and Playstation.

The great thing about these games is that they are made for children and as parents, that is what we want. We worry about safety and I would always say that you should watch children when they play anyway but these games take away a bit of that worry because they are made for little minds.

Elsa has been playing Ryan’s World Rescue Squad, Paw Patrol Grand Prix, L.O.L Surprise and the all new Cocomelon game! All of these games are age suitable for her as well as our other children.

All of these games either encourage children to be creative or introduce them to problem solving. It is a great way to introduce them to gaming with being safe for them.

You can check out our reel of Elsa playing these Outright Games:

These games vary in prices and are available from all major Switch Game retailers.

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