Our Time At The Wroxham Barns Santa Experience!

On the 30th November, we headed to Wroxham Barns to try out their Christmas Santa Experience. Wroxham Barns is located on the Norfolk Broads. Wroxham is well known for its day boat trips and picture perfect scenery! Wroxham Barns is around 5 minutes from Wroxham town centre, making it perfect if you are looking at going to Wroxham for the day or maybe a short break.

The Santa Experience is within the junior barn and the experience itself lasts almost 2 hours. When you are finished visiting Santa and his Elves you can go and see all the farm animals including reindeer and donkeys! All the children that do the Santa Experience receive a certificate and elf hat for completely Elf school as well as a magic coin to open up the exclusive nativity barn. Children also get a brilliant present from Santa! There is crafts and fun and games for everyone. It is a great festive experience for the whole family!

We had an amazing time and Elsa, Cleo and Rosie enjoyed it so much. They each received a present that was suitable for their age range and they were every excited to open them up after seeing Santa. The Santa Experience  is priced from £10.25 for over 2’s and from £7.75 for under 2’s. It is brilliant value for money!


*Disclaimer- We were gifted tickets in exchanged for social media posts but as we enjoyed it so much I thought I would also write a blog post*

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