– It is a lifesaver!

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Childcare. It is a must! Wheither it is for regular work or maybe a one off, have got the solutions for all your childcare needs. has over 2 million users and the website is so simple to use. On the homepage is a 2 question form that you fill out with your postcode and what you are looking for. Fill this in and it will tell you the childcare that is available near you. I live in a remote village and when i searched for my postcode, there was 2 results. Both of which I didn’t realise were available so close to my home.

When you view the results, you can see if someone has a DBS check or first aid training. Which are the first things that I look for in a babysitter or nanny. even have copies of DBS checks and identification held on their documents section. As a parent, this is something that I am so happy to see. I want to make sure that my children are completely safe which who ever I choose to look after them when I am not there.

Other things that are included are how far away they are, other qualifications they have, their pay rates and their previous experiences. It includes everything that you would want to know and look for in childcare.

Sometimes, we need an emergency babysitter and can also help with that too. The profiles include if the childcare is available for last minute babysitting. In these situations, finding someone can be stressful espically when you are time limited. makes it easy to find someone! As well as this, you can also find long term childcare using the site.

Personally, I find the site really easy to use and I like how it is laid out and all the info that you will need is in front of you. There is no looking for info, you are told everything that you need to know. If I needed to get a babysitter or nanny then I would defiently use It seems a safer alternative to advertising on social media. I want my children to be safe when they are looked after by someone else and with, I know that I will be hiring someone who has my children’s safety as their no 1 priorty.

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