Celebrating Life’s Little Celebrations With Love Monster

This post includes a paid partnership with Love Monster

We all should celebrate life’s little celebrations. It is important to celebrate even the little things in life, they can sometimes be the best moments.

Love Monster over on Cbeebies teaches Children all about life’s little celebrations and we have been watching the show and playing with the new toys so we can tell you all about it. We decided to choose one episode and base our activities on that!

We choose the Yay for Rain Day episode. For this, we went for a family walk to a local woods. Of course, it had to be a rainy day too, Most days are rainy where we live at this time of year so that wasn’t a hard thing to come across. I thought that taking Cleo for a walk in the woods would show her that it is ok to explore and play outside even if it is raining. In the episode, Love Monster wants to play indoors but his friends convice him to play outside. When he does go outside, it rains. That doesn’t stop Love Monster wanting to do his activities outdoors and even though it is raining, they still haver lots of fun!

Taking Cleo and Elsa for a family walk even if it is raining a little bit shows them that rain doesn’t have to ruin our plans or our day and that we can still do everything that we want to. Plus the rain makes puddles to splash in and it just adds to the adventure! We should celebrate the rain and fun that we cans still have as a family.

The Toy Reviews:

The Love Monster Figurine set has enough characters to share with friends and family. There are 5 characters in a pack and they are 6-8cm tall. The figurines are suitable for children aged from 18 months so they are great for the when your child starts getting interested in the TV show and the books. The Love Monster Figurines encourage imaginative play, motor and hand skills and teach children the importance of sharing and including other people in play time.

The Love Monster Giggle and Hug feature soft toy is a great all rounder toy, it is great for bedtime and use as a soft toy but also as a toy that they can use for imaginative play. It is super soft, you can press him tummy to hear him giggle and press his hand to see his heart glow and make sounds including the Love Monster theme tune. Perfect for taking turns and sharing!

The Fun Sounds Love Monster Soft Toy is around 20cm in size and you squeeze his hand to hear noises and the Love Monster theme song. He is perfect for cuddling! An ideal toy for Love Monster fans and he is suitable for littles ones too.

Love Monster is available to watch on Cbeebies and BBC Iplayer

Products mentioned;

Love Monster Figurines – Available from Argos – £14.99

Love Monster Giggle and Hug Soft Toy – Available from Argos – £29.99

Fun Sounds Love Monster Soft Toy – Available from Argos – £15.99

You can also check out my other blog post all about Love Monster here.

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