How To Keep Your House Warm When The Weather Isn’t!

The Christmas songs are on the radio and the nights are drawing in early, so it can only mean one thing: Winter is almost here. Given that the season has arrived where we switch on the boilers and get the radiators ready, it’s about time you start thinking about how you can ensure that your house is the warmest around this season.

Money may be tight, but you want to make sure that you aren’t choosing between heating and eating this year. So, making the right changes to your energy consumption will ensure that you get a warm home without the warmed wallet at the same time. So, let’s check out the best possible tips around to keep your house comfortable while you see out the cold season.

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  • Embrace Layers. When we say layers, we don’t just mean the extra thick jumpers and scarves you could wear indoors, but the way you can layer your home. Adding layers to your windows with heavy curtains, and adding layers to your floors with thick rugs can help you to feel comfortable and keep the heat in. When you add those layers, the warm air doesn’t seep through the floorboards or the window panes. Keep the curtains open during the day so that the sun can stream in, but then shut them the minute the sun goes down and trap the heat inside for the night. Curtains can make a huge difference to the way that you experience the warmth in your home, so why not invest in some double-lined ones today?
  • Always Add Timers. Leaving the heating on all day is not a smart idea if you want to keep your home cosy this winter. You want to use timers on your central heating so that you can keep the home warm and not pay for heating you’re not even using. You shouldn’t leave the heat on all day, even at a lower temperature: you will end up spending way more money than necessary.
  • Move The Furniture Around. If you have any furniture close to the radiators, it’s time for a reshuffle. You need to think about how your heating is circulated around the room. If you ensure that you move the furniture from the radiators, you’re going to help the heat move better around the room, and that will definitely keep you toasty!
  • Order Extra Heaters. If you have heaters downstairs but not upstairs, you can invest in plug-in radiators and other heaters online and have them delivered to your house. You can keep the upstairs warm while the downstairs is as warm as possible. Don’t forget that you may end up spending a little more on the extra cost to heat the house, but it may be worth it if it’s cold enough outside.
  • Add Extra Insulation. While you look to ensure your house is maintained this winter with a fixed roof and cleared gutters, look at adding extra insulation to the house. The roof can have some extra layers of insulation and you get to keep the heat stuck in the house and not floating through the holey tiles!

Your home should be warm to keep you from getting ill this winter. Take these notes and make it happen!

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