Squeakee Mini Toy Review

Last Christmas, Squeakee The Balloon Dog was a huge hit and one of the biggest and most wanted toys of the year but there are some new Squeakee toys on the market.

The new Squeakee Minis have been created from the huge success that was the Balloon Dog.

The Squeakee Minis have some really fun features. We have looked at the Balloon Dog before but the girls never really wanted it bad enough to get one. The Minis though have been on the girls wish list for a little while now.

It might be because they are smaller snd handheld and let’s be honest, they are very cute too!

There are 3 Squeakee Minis to collect; Heelie, Poppy and Billo.

Even though they are small, it doesn’t stop them having cool features though and they have enough to keep your children entertained for a good amount of time ( also entertains the adults!)

You can pat them and they will squeak, they will pretend to inflate and then pop if you blow on their noses and when you speak to them, they will copy what you say but in a helium voice!

The Squeakee Minis are priced at £9.99 and are available from Amazon. They make perfect small gifts or pocket money toys too!

Disclaimer- we were kindly gifted this in exchange for a blog post

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