Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

Mental health. It comes in many forms and anyone can be affected. It doesn’t discriminate.

As someone who has suffered for a long time, I know how bloody hard it is.
I had a traumatic birth with Cleo and it hit my mental health hard. To the point, I was diagnosed with post natal depressed and post traumatic stress disorder. All that from giving birth to my child. That was 2017.

2019 was probably the toughest year of my life. Not only was I pregnant again and suffering badly with Hyperemisis but I went through the experience of 24 hours of domestic abuse from a parent coming to an end. Should be happy right?

Nope. Ptsd once again. Counselling once again. Antidepressants once again. It has been years I have been on medication for this now. To tell you the truth, I don’t know when I will come off them.

Then there is the little problem of the pandemic. Something none of us saw coming. To be going about your daily life and this comes along. It stopped everything. Jobs, livelihoods, family, everything.

Not only did the people who were already struggling with mental health be affected but the pandemic also created more people suffer due to mental health.

Elsa struggled alot when the school was closed. She became withdrawn, she had a short temper, angry, just generally unhappy. She is 6. Of course, she was going to be upset but I had never seen her like it before and even now she isn’t back to who she was before the pandemic. A child would never be prepared for the events of 2020 and this year. No child should have to go through it.

Mental Health Awareness weeks means more this year than ever.

Last year, I met Steven from Men Tally Up. A clothing company that was raising awareness of mental health in men. Steven himself opened up about his experiences. He was doing amazing and raising some amazing awareness.

Then I heard the news that he had taken his own life.

I was shocked. When I spoke to him just days before, he seemed ok. Happy and looking forward to where Men Tally Up was going.

You never know what someone is going through. We need to talk about mental health. We need to make it ok for someone to say they are struggling without judgement or ridicule.

It is ok to need help with your mental health. It is ok to talk about it. Shout about it if you have too.

Just remember it is ok. You will be ok. You are one tough cookie ❤

My inbox is always open if anyone needs to talk.

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